Trauma Healing: Equipping leaders to minister to the most vulnerable

“AE has been conducting Trauma Healing in South Sudan since the violent outbreaks began several years ago.”

Violence and war have left a deep scar on the nations of Africa and on the hearts of many affected most acutely by it. African Enterprise has been challenged during recent years by the number of people who are victims of violence. The need is truly overwhelming.

AE has been conducting Trauma Healing in South Sudan since the violent outbreaks began several years ago. Our programs there have had much success, however, these valuable skills had not been passed onto other nations within the AE Family who could greatly benefit from them. Nations like Uganda, Rwanda, and DRC, among others, have an immediate need for the skills to assist the vulnerable.

It has been AE’s endeavor to bring Trauma Healing Programs into all our teams so that they are equipped in all circumstances to bring the freedom of Christ into the lives of the lost.

In late August, the opportunity arose to send our National Team Leaders to Kigali, Rwanda to take part in a Trauma Healing Course led in partnership with The Bible Society. The well established, Biblically-based training focused on teaching leaders how to assist the victims of trauma in finding peace, forgiveness and a path forward.

The AE Team Leaders were blessed and encouraged by the training which they believe will have an enormous impact on their ministry and help them more effectively reach the vulnerable with the Gospel.

Paul Wassawa, leader of AE Uganda said, “I am thankful for this training and the material that we received. I believe it will be particularly useful in our work with pastors. We often encounter pastors who are wounded while trying to help others. Sadly, they often do more damage than good. They first must experience healing before they help others find healing. Now we have the skills to help them.”

He continued, “Our mission in Kampala is coming very soon and I look forward to using some of these principles as we reach out to the local and national leaders. We find that many leaders are wounded and in need of inner healing. Healed leaders will serve the continent of Africa better.”

Guide Makore of AE Zimbabwe said, “I was surprised at how much this training ministered to me personally. I feel that I have experienced healing and I am now able to help others more effectively. I also feel that I have more understanding and compassion for those who have been traumatized.”

“This training will add so much value to our ministry in Zimbabwe,” he continued, “which has seen a rise in unrest and violence this year. We are planning to establish at least two Trauma Healing Groups before the end of this year and utilize this training in our upcoming mission to the University of Zimbabwe.”

AE is so thankful for the partnership of The Bible Society and their invaluable skills in this area. At the conclusion of the training all AE Team Leaders committed to starting Trauma Healing Groups in their respective nations. Pray for the ministry of African Enterprise in South Sudan specifically which has a large population of people who have been traumatized by war or violence. Our heart is for them and their nations to be healed by the saving grace of our loving Father, Jesus Christ.

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Lubumbashi Mission Update

“Overall, 6,000 people were reached with the Gospel, with 700 completing decision cards, and 300 being actively discipled post-mission.  Praise God that he kept all local and international evangelists safe during this time.”

The DRC, formerly known as Zaire, is the largest sub-Saharan country in Africa with a population of over 78 million people. As of 2018, around 600,000 Congolese have fled to neighbouring countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Congo and South Sudan due to conflict.  The fighting has displaced over 4.5 million people, with approximately 2 million children risking starvation. There is significant influence of occult movements in major cities, that seek to entice young people through jobs and corruption. It is in this context that African Enterprise held its mission in Lubumbashi, DRC’s second largest city known for its mining and student community, between August 4 -12 2018.

Lubumbashi is a very strategic city, where many leaders have been trained at universities due to the high quality education standards that have prevailed.  The mission was orientated toward university students, with the support of academic leaders at DRC’s most prominent university, Universite de Lubumbashi. AE team leader Leonard Kiswangi worked hard to unite churches in this mission. 50 churches originally signed up, unfortunately some were not able to participate due to issues around city conflict.

Overall, 6,000 people were reached with the Gospel, with 700 completing decision cards, and 300 being actively discipled post-mission.  Praise God that he kept all local and international evangelists safe during this time.

Please continue to pray for this city, and the people living in permanent fear about the safety of their families, especially leading up to the election on December 23rd 2018.  There is also a great need for pastor training and bibles in the city, and we are actively praying that the Lord would answer the call of His people in need in this city.

Leonard’s particular prayer points are for a car and for office furnishings so that he is suitably equipped to continue mission in this challenging environment.

Learn more about the DRC here.

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UN’s Sex Abuse Scandal is a film that dateline recently published which shines a light on the sexual abuse suffered by women in both the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo at the hands of United Nations peacekeepers. Find out more and view the film here. Please note the film is difficult viewing.


God at work in Lubumbashi

Phase 1 of a larger mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) began in late October, in the South Eastern city of Lubumbashi. The second largest city in the country after Kinshasa, Lubumbashi is a mining city with a population of around 2 million (CIA World Factbook 2017).

Amidst the political tensions that are ongoing in the DRC, God is showing his mighty strength to the mission team as Leonard Kiswangi, AE Team Leader for the DRC shares.

Over three hundred senior church leaders (men, women and youth) tirelessly followed in the footsteps of the AE Evangelists who spoke over three days. The evangelism and discipleship training was carried out from 9am to 4pm by leaders including Stephen Lungu and the AE DRC Mission Team.

On the second day of the conference, there was great political unrest in Lubumbashi, and so there was a heavily armed military and police presence standing at every corner in the city. The city centre, where AE training was being carried out, was no different – but in the amazing power of the Holy Spirit, our meeting was protected. Every person gathered felt the peace of the Lord among us. Participants in the training course were encouraged through the timeliness of the training. We were able to continue in our prayer and intercession for our nation. There were no incidents at all throughout the training, and we continue to thank God for answering our prayers.

Day three brought the start of stratified evangelism to people from all walks of life. From 8am, mission volunteers and evangelists were sent to 10 strategic points throughout Lubumbashi. They returned at 2pm to report back on the progress of their evangelism. From 5pm until 7pm, groups gathered in those same 10 zones to pray for the DRC, and to encourage more people to pray with them. God is on move! 

Here are just a few insights into the first few days of our mission. The Lord is doing great work in the DRC. Thank you for your precious prayers and financial support of AE DRC. We will continue to update you with more news from the mission in the coming weeks.

Leonard Kiswangi,

AE Team Leader, DRC.

To find out more about the DRC, and supporting the Great Commission there, please click here.