Phase 1 of a larger mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) began in late October, in the South Eastern city of Lubumbashi. The second largest city in the country after Kinshasa, Lubumbashi is a mining city with a population of around 2 million (CIA World Factbook 2017).

Amidst the political tensions that are ongoing in the DRC, God is showing his mighty strength to the mission team as Leonard Kiswangi, AE Team Leader for the DRC shares.

Over three hundred senior church leaders (men, women and youth) tirelessly followed in the footsteps of the AE Evangelists who spoke over three days. The evangelism and discipleship training was carried out from 9am to 4pm by leaders including Stephen Lungu and the AE DRC Mission Team.

On the second day of the conference, there was great political unrest in Lubumbashi, and so there was a heavily armed military and police presence standing at every corner in the city. The city centre, where AE training was being carried out, was no different – but in the amazing power of the Holy Spirit, our meeting was protected. Every person gathered felt the peace of the Lord among us. Participants in the training course were encouraged through the timeliness of the training. We were able to continue in our prayer and intercession for our nation. There were no incidents at all throughout the training, and we continue to thank God for answering our prayers.

Day three brought the start of stratified evangelism to people from all walks of life. From 8am, mission volunteers and evangelists were sent to 10 strategic points throughout Lubumbashi. They returned at 2pm to report back on the progress of their evangelism. From 5pm until 7pm, groups gathered in those same 10 zones to pray for the DRC, and to encourage more people to pray with them. God is on move! 

Here are just a few insights into the first few days of our mission. The Lord is doing great work in the DRC. Thank you for your precious prayers and financial support of AE DRC. We will continue to update you with more news from the mission in the coming weeks.

Leonard Kiswangi,

AE Team Leader, DRC.

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