Aid and Development Projects You Support Each Year

“I want to open a tailoring shop for my business,” said Brenda. “With this I will raise my family, and I am going to train others and share my skills with them. May God bless the donors and African Enterprise for enabling me to know how to pray and share a word of God!”

-Brenda, Malawi Tailoring Project

African Enterprise has several holistic and transformative social action programs which demonstrate the love of Christ to vulnerable and marginalised communities. These programs include advocacy for early childhood education, water and sanitation, vocational education, vulnerable women rehabilitation, health education, hospitals, HIV Education programs, apprenticeship programs, community self help groups and more.


HIV and AIDS Education Project

This project helps educate approximately 10,000 children each year and reach a community of over 60,000 people.


Street Children Apprenticeship Project (SCAP)

Together we help give apprenticeships to 50 young people living in Accra each year.


Women in Need Skills Training (WIN)

A special segment of the Street Children Apprenticeship Project which focuses on training young women who are in need.


Mathare Women Empowerment Project

96 vulnerable women have their lives transformed and are empowered with skills to start businesses and provide for themselves each year.


Korogocho Latrines Project

The sanitation project in the Korogocho slum positively impacts 72 households each year by enabling them to have access to clean latrines.


Soweto Kayole Primary Healthcare Clinic

A not-for-profit clinic providing affordable health services to the residents of Soweto Kayole and surrounding slums.


Tailoring Project

Each year, around 40 women’s lives are changed in Malawi with new skills and abilities. These vulnerable women would otherwise be caught up in prostitution.


Milne Medical Clinic

Provides free support for the local community with services including nutritional assessments among children, cervical cancer screening, malaria testing and treatment, immunisations, HIV testing and counselling, family planning, maternity delivery, ambulance services and ultra-scan services. 


Women’s Self Help Groups

Vulnerable women are trained in business skills such as financial literacy and bookkeeping. They also join self-help groups that lobby the government for social reforms on behalf of the wider community.


Centre for Champions

Provides 12 months of vocational training for young vulnerable people. Students live onsite during the program with their food, uniform, training and other skills related expenses covered.

South Africa

George Whitefield College (GWC) – Disadvantaged Students Fund & Capacity Development Fund

AE works in partnership with GWC to support disadvantaged students to complete their studies.

South Africa

Ngezandla Zethu Sewing Project

Equips every member of the community irrespective of age, gender and race with skills that will empower each one spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally. 


“It has never been easy for me since I dropped out of school due to lack of funds. My life has been under the control of friends who manage to feed me. The good part of me tells me it is better to learn vocational skills in order to become self-sufficient. There was no means for me to learn any trade. By the grace of God, I heard about the good work AE is doing so I made a move to the office. Lo and behold I was given the opportunity to learn aluminum fabrication. May the good Lord bless African Enterprise for the good work they are doing.”

– Alex Collins Seddoh, Ghana Street Children Apprenticeship Project (SCAP).

“Once I complete my training, I am hoping to start a small dressmaking and embroidery business near where I live. Once my business is stable, I will also create opportunities for other women interested in learning a skill to come and learn from me. I believe that through these skills, my life will be transformed economically and my family will live a better life. I wish to thank the Mathare Women Staff and AE for their love, support and commitment to empower me. May God richly bless you.”

– Esther Wangari, Mathare Women Empowerment Project.

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