Footprints in the African Sand – My Life & Times by Michael Cassidy


As Africa shook off colonialism in the 1960s, a young man was gripped by a singular purpose: to play his part in God’s plans for the fractured nations of Africa.

A son of apartheid South Africa, Michael Cassidy appeared an unlikely candidate to lead a team bringing a Gospel message of salvation, reconciliation and hope to a continent overturning white rule. Over five decades, Michael and his African Enterprise colleagues courageously built up eleven national teams and a network of relationships that cross-cross Africa.

Michael saw clearly the need for high-quality leadership. He fostered vital dialogue between top politicians in the tense run-up to South Africa’s miraculously peaceful 1994 elections. As the country hurtled toward civil war, he helped facilitate a last-minute settlement, paving the way for the inauguration of Nelson Mandela.

Told with inimitable charm and humor, this is a personal story of family, friendship and faith, and beautifully demonstrates God’s love at work in the turbulence of Africa’s recent history.

446 pages