When Amoko was in Primary School, one of his teachers, Yousif, who was a Muslim Arab, and who taught most of the subjects saw him reading a book. He said, “What are you reading?”  Amoko said, “I am reading “Christian Education”, and from there we started arguing. He said that Christianity is finished and Islam is the last religion, so I have to become Muslim. I said, “No!” We were arguing and talking, and then I became angry.

Because he was my friend, he said, “No, let’s not fight: you go read… there is a book in Italy,” (he did not know about the Bible) “You go to Rome, there is a book there that Mohammed’s name is written in: you go and read it, and if it says that Jesus is God, and that Mohammed’s name is not written in that book, then you come and tell me, and I will become Christian.”

So then I started reading the Bible, not reading it for me; but reading it for him, saying, “I want to know whether Mohammed is there, whether the Bible is corrupted, whether Jesus is God or not God.” So for the whole of one year starting in January I read the Bible, and on the day before Christmas, I had that experience of really opening my heart to God, to Jesus, because I read the Bible alone and under the tree and found the true answer. I gave my life to Jesus, and I continue in that.

Amoko became strengthened and committed in his faith and his life then took on new purpose as a result of an AE mission in Juba South Sudan in the early 1980s.

Fast forward 33 years.

Amoko’s ministry is now to Muslims, and he keeps looking out for Yousif to tell him about the truth he found.

“Wherever I go now, God put a fire in me to reach the Muslims. I thank God for bringing Yousif into my way, to challenge me to read the Bible and accept Jesus, and I am involved in the ministry because of this.”

“My vision is to see the Bible change lives. I want to see either Muslims, or Sudanese, or Africans, or the whole world: people’s lives’ changed. And so I put it in the form of “transformation”. I have seen many lives changed, society changed, families have changed. I live for that.”

Amoko is now completing is Bachelor of Theology in Nairobi, focussing on mission and Islamic study and is due to graduate this year.

“I am very happy for what God has done in my life through AFRICA EVANGELISTIC ENTERPRISES since 1983 through Bishop Kivengere and Rev. Stifin Mgoma”, he said. “Thanks for being connected and praying with us continuously.”

Praise the Lord — for you and the life-changing work you make possible!










Amoko pictured here with Ben in Nairobi.