AE South Africa just concluded a mission to Durban in October 2023 with a comprehensive outreach of stratified evangelism including school ministry, street evangelism, door-to-door visits, hospital ministry, factories, open-airs and drive-thru-prayers. Durban is South Africa’s third-largest city, located on the Indian Ocean coast, and with more than four million people. During this three-week outreach, a total of 12,242 people put their lives in Christ’s hands! As the discipleship journeys for these new believers continues through the local churches that partnered with AE, they will grow into maturity and become disciple-making disciples.

One of the missioners reported this amazing account: “While sharing the Gospel message our team of missioners caught sight of David (in the photo to the right) who was watching us, seemingly wanting to attract our attention as he repeatedly walked away then back to where we were standing. We approached him and he was eager for us to share our Good News with him. David is married and is a father to a 8-month old baby. He described himself as a ‘sugar’ smoker (that is, cocaine or crack). This past weekend he got so high on drugs that he cut himself and tried to hang himself. He had no clue as to why he did this, but thankfully his wife got in through a window and cut him loose, saving him from this mindless suicidal act. He shared with us that he was originally a devout Hindu who was led to the Christian faith some years ago and he then led his mother to the Christ. Sadly, he descended into the darkness of substance abuse and lost his way in recent times, until the near-fatal incident of the weekend and our street ministry today stirred within him that he needs to return to Jesus. We prayed for him. David will be followed up by a local church, and he has been referred for rehabilitation. Please do pray for his recovery and journey ahead!”