Korogocho, one of the largest slums outside the city of Nairobi, Kenya, is home to a population of 150,000 to 200,000 people crammed into a one square mile area, facing dire living conditions. This situation has been exacerbated by a rough economic period in the country and a persistent lack of rain leading to famine and widespread hunger. In response to this pressing need, identified families severely impacted during this challenging period to provide food aid to.

By 10 am on a recent day, 49 people had arrived at a local church where AE Kenya’s Joseph Wanyama shared a message from 1 Peter 5:7, emphasizing the importance of casting anxieties onto God, who cares for us. He encouraged them to trust that, no matter their circumstances, God is there to see them through. Following his sermon, an altar call led to 20 people surrendering their lives to Christ, and they were encouraged to be peacemakers in their community.

The food distribution followed, with each family receiving three packets of 5lbs maize flour, 5lbs of rice, and a bar of soap. The smiles on their faces and heartfelt thanks reflected the joy and gratitude they felt toward the donors and God.

Maurice Okumba expressed his gratitude to African Enterprise and the donors for answering their prayers. He had been unemployed for nearly two years, struggling to pay rent and feed his family. With two months of rent in arrears and two days of going hungry, he wasn’t sure where his next meal would come from. He attributed this provision to God’s mercy and thanked the donors for their generosity.

Gladys Mangila, a wife, mother, and child of God, rejoiced at the food packages they received, which would significantly help her family. Her husband had been unemployed, and her small grocery business was suffering due to the challenging economic times. She explained how their community relied on sharing resources, and these provisions from AE would ensure no one went hungry for the next couple of nights. She expressed heartfelt gratitude to AE and the donors for their compassion and generosity.