The Center for Champions (CFC) in Rwamagana, Rwanda, educates approximately 750 children and young people each year. It provides a high-quality Christian education and opens up a whole new future of possibilities once young men and women graduate. One of these is Ishimwe Belt, a a 19-year-old from a family of six children. He has been studying masonry and is looking forward to a good job where he can provide for himself and, one day, for a family.

Ishimwe, in the photo to the right, says, “I first learned about the CFC through a friend who had previously attended this reputable institution. I always heard about its excellent standards and cleanliness and had a desire to study here, but I didn’t know how to make it happen. When I received my Grade 9 results and found that I had performed well, my former school recommended me to the CFC. As I entered the gates of the CFC, I couldn’t believe I was coming to such a prestigious school. I even told my mother that it felt like a university. She agreed, and I decided to focus on construction because I had heard they emphasized practical learning. The warm welcome at the reception and my father’s positive impression further convinced me of the school’s quality.”

Construction students at the Center for Champions

Ishimwe is especially grateful for the way he has been treated with dignity and kindness by the CFC staff. He says, “I appreciate the absence of discrimination based on students’ economic status. The school teaches discipline and self-motivation, and I have gained a deep knowledge of construction compared to students from other schools. My behavior has improved, I’ve learned punctuality, and the use of projectors for learning has broadened my understanding of global construction practices. The support and follow-up from teachers have been invaluable.¬†Looking ahead, I aspire to use my construction knowledge to contribute to building projects. I dream of excelling academically and securing sponsorship to study in France, known for its strong construction industry.”

Thank you so much for your generosity which enables a whole new future for struggling young people in Rwanda like Ishimwe!