Your support has so far helped change more than 5,000 young lives through the Centre for Champions in Rwamagana, eastern Rwanda. Established by AE Rwanda in 2008, the centre offers holistic rehabilitation and development for former street children and youths as well as those from impoverished families.

You’ve helped thousands of young people learn literacy skills, graduate their primary or secondary school exams, and learn practical vocational skills in a number of trades – plumbing, auto mechanic, tailoring, hairdressing and many more. These youth are also mentored and receive emotional support from the trained mentors at the centre, giving them added stability as they rebuild their lives.

Delphine, 23, completed her vocational training in hospitality in 2008. She now works at the St Agnes Guest House in Rwamagana and says the Centre for Champions completely changed her life.

“My father and two siblings died during the 1994 genocide when I was very young. My other four siblings and I remained with our mother and we lived a life of great suffering … it was a big challenge for [my mother] to cater for all our needs single-handed, and many times we lived in lack.

“I dropped out [of school] in primary 5, and lost hope of ever going back. [But then] I learnt through a mentor [about] the Centre for Champions. Sitting in a classroom again put a new smile on my face … [our teachers] taught us the Word of God, and after several months I decided to receive Jesus in my heart, and I felt a very deep peace.”

Delphine says her life now looks incredibly different, thanks to your support!

“My heart is so full of joy. I became a Christian and finished school. I now earn some money, which enables me to meet my needs and I’m also able to offer some support to my mother on a regular basis.

“I’m so grateful to AE Rwanda and every person who gives generously to this organisation. [You have] put new hope in my life and a new smile on my face!”


“I’m so grateful to AE Rwanda and every person who gives generously to this organisation.” –Delphine

Thank you for supporting thousands of vulnerable young people like Delphine at the AE Rwanda Centre for Champions – young people who are seeing their lives restored and given new hope as they learn, grow and meet Jesus!