We believe in equipping young people with the necessary skills to be empowered and rise out of poverty.

Ghana’s Street Children Apprenticeship Programme (or SCAP) endeavours to do just that.

Each year, 40 children are brought into the programme and trained with skills like tailoring and dressmaking, computing, aluminium fabrication and hairdressing. Thanks to your support, training is paid for by AE Ghana, and expected to take about 3 years per student. With such a diverse range of choices, and small class sizes, it’s no wonder that graduates of the programme feel ready to tackle the world!

AE Ghana Team Member Samuel Amoako says SCAP is all about transforming lives.

“We are rescuing children, or young adults between the ages of 16 to 24 who have lost hope. It’s about restoring hope to the hopeless.”

Thanks to the love of Jesus, this has all been made possible.

Twins Helena and Selina graduated with smiles of hope on their faces, despite the death of their mother 5 months before their graduation. Without a father either, they would have faced serious difficulties, were it not for AE’s assistance. They thanked African Enterprise for giving them the skills and support to look after themselves in the absence of both parents.


Helena and Selina receiving their graduation gifts.









Kate Mensah graduated from hairdressing training. She received a certificate and a hairdryer. The expression on her face was enough evidence of gratitude to God.

African Enterprise have been inspired by God to run these training programs, to restore hope to people like Kate. Kate did not know the love of God until she met AE. When she realised she would not have to pay back the money for her training, she was amazed, and has resolved to live for Christ for all her days.

Rosemary Amoh Bronya also received a hairdryer and a certificate after she had graduated from hairdressing. She promised to remain faithful to the Lord because of the demonstration of love shown her by African Enterprise. Rosemary thanked AE for supporting her to acquire a vocational skill. She told us very soon she will set up her own business.

All of these young women could not stop showering blessings on AE and our donors. Thank you for supporting the Street Children Apprenticeship Programme in Ghana!