We think it’s really important to bring you news from the partnership. After the Malindi Mission in June, the work of discipling and caring for new believers didn’t stop.

Bedbug ministry

African evangelists can find themselves involved in offbeat activities as they work to spread the good news of Jesus.

An African Enterprise team visiting the Kenyan city of Malindi during a recent mission decided to demonstrate a practical side to God’s love by helping locals overcome a bedbug infestation.

Bedbugs had been plaguing the Watamu area of the city for a long time, leaving residents bedridden in some cases.

The AE team’s eradication program targeted 200 homes housing about 1000 people.

As well as easing the bedbug problem, the exercise proved a victory for the Lord. Some 25 homeowners announced that they were turning their lives over to Him.

The overall Malindi mission reached more than 93,000 residents of the city, with over 10,000 making commitments for salvation.

Story written by AE Volunteer Mike Heard.

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