In just 2 short months, AE will be venturing into Zambia with a new project – the Lusaka Leadership Initiative.

AE International CEO Rev. Dr. Stephen Mbogo visited Lusaka, the bustling capital city, for an initial establishment meeting with local partners to pave the way for a successful mission in November.

The team met with local partnering churches, conducted an inaugural leadership conference, and met privately with judges and members of parliament.

God is already making his way into the hearts of Zambians through the Gospel. At one of the meetings 70 church and community leaders came along to hear Stephen’s message about the importance of Godly leadership. Others in attendance were touched by Stephen’s powerful word from God, and 12 people committed their lives to Christ.

University student Tapalo Mwila came to know Jesus that day.

Stephen said,

“The best thing a leader can do is to submit himself to Christ and lead with godliness and humility – that is why AE meets with leaders, so that leaders of all the sectors will be transformed, and be leaders of integrity.”

Please pray with us for the preservation of these 12 new believers, and that many more souls might be saved in the lead up to this mission to Lusaka in November.

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