Today begins AE’s mission to one of the world’s fastest growing and most vibrant cities in the world – Kampala.

More than 500 Ugandan evangelists and 80 local churches are involved.

They join the AE International Team, the AE Kenya Foxfires and associates from Ghana in a goal to reach 300,000 of Kampala’s un-evangelised people with the Gospel!

For months, African Enterprise Uganda has been busy with preparations for this mission. Ahead of the mission, AE’s Team Leaders and International staff gathered in Kampala itself, for a series of meetings to discuss the very core of AE’s existence.


“The staff are here for a training and consultation whose main purpose is to refine and harmonise the AE mission training materials,” said AE CEO, Stephen Mbogo.”We are equipping staff with the knowledge and skills required to deliver on the AE calling and mission.”

He and 35 of AE’s leaders from across Africa met for three days at the Lweza Training and Conference Centre in Kampala, sharing information and resources, and above all, sharing their passion for evangelising the cities of Africa.

“I am so happy about what we are doing here,” said AE Rwanda Team Leader, John Kalenzi, “because we are harmonising our evangelism material, to contribute to having a ‘common ‘AE DNA’.”

At the end of the training, the Team Leaders joined other staff and volunteers gearing up for the Kampala citywide mission. Over the next week they will devote themselves to spreading the Gospel to the people of Kampala.

Join us in praying for the city! Pray for those who will attend the mission, and for those leading it. May Christ be glorified and may thousands of lost souls turn to him!