“God is good – all the time.”

For nearly 50 years, Uganda and its joyous Christians have been etched on Dr Robert Claxton’s heart. As a former AE Australia Board Director and Doctor, he has made periodic visits to the beautiful East African nation at various stages in its tumultuous history.

He’s been uniquely exposed to the changing demographics, political climate and growth of both Uganda and its Christians, who suffered prodigiously at the hands of Idi Amin in the 1970s. Originally working as a doctor in Uganda 45 years ago, Dr Claxton revisited 20 years ago, and make the journey to Africa again this year to join the proclamation period of the 2017 Kampala Mission.

In September 2017, Dr Claxton visited the International Christian Medical and Dental Association at Mengo Hospital, and the Department of Surgery at Mulago Hosptial. At Mengo, an exciting project overseen by Indian missionaries Anil and Shalini, is training South Sudanese students in medicine and surgery. They are also discipling these students through daily devotions, prayer and singing. It is an exciting time to be a Christian in Uganda!

He also reflected on serving at Kinawataka Medical Camp, in the vast slum of Kinawataka, where 700 of the most vulnerable people were given free medical care to improve their health, and by extension, whole communities. They were also spoken to about the complete healing that can be found in Jesus Christ.

“We looked after slum dwellers, the poorest of the poor, who live in extremely crowded ad unsanitary conditions. We screened for Hepatitis B, C and HIV and offered advice to patients. An eye clinic was also organised to restore vision and hope to poor Kampalans.”   

Joy is present in the churches of Kampala in a tangible form – genuine, generous love and care for new Christians, worship through song and prayer, and a real sense of community. It’s quite inspiring and an obvious manifestation of God’s love for his church.

AE Australia is so thankful for supporters like Dr Claxton, for helping to sow seeds to strengthen the Church in Uganda.

Robert’s prayers for Uganda:

  • Praise God for the Church in Uganda
  • Pray for its leaders and that it will remain faithful to the Gospel.
  • Praise God for the many lives transformed during the Kampala Mission
  • Pray that those who came to Christ will be enabled to grow in their faith and have the support they need to live for Jesus in the modern world.
  • Praise God for people like Minister of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, and pray for them as they seek to be salt and light in public life.
  • Praise God for political stability.
  • Pray this this may continue to the glory of God and the blessing of the people.