Stay tuned for the final report which is almost ready for you! In the meantime, enjoy one of the testimonies from the Kampala ‘Return to Jesus’ mission below.


On the dusty fringe of Kampala, where the old railway lines crosses the city, sits Kinawataka slum, crowded with some of Uganda’s poorest urban population.veronica (1)-min

Veronica lives in the slum with her two young children. For years she has struggled with alcoholism and has had a hard life.

“I have no stable job and no husband to help support me and my children,” she said. “So I turn to alcohol to try forget my problems.”

Though she became a Christian many years ago, Veronica has struggled to keep her faith alive through the hardships of her life. When missionaries from African Enterprise met her this week during the Kampala mission, they asked Veronica what she needed. Her answer: prayer. She has tried to stop drinking, but life keeps pushing her back down.

“For the sake of my children, I want to stop the alcoholism, I want to stop living this lifestyle,” she said. “But it is hard.”

The AE missionaries prayed with Veronica and shared with her the hope of the Gospel.

“I know that I cannot do this on my own,” she said,” not unless I involve God.”

Please pray for Veronica and her children! Pray that God would give her the strength to stop drinking and that He would provide for their needs. We are grateful for the work of the AE evangelists in Kampala! May they continue to touch lives this week during the mission.

And we are grateful for your support! Veronica said,

“Thank you so much for being God’s ambassadors.”