Tefera is confined to a wheelchair and lives in a shanty house on the outskirts of the city. During door to door evangelism for the 2017 Dessie Mission, a team approached his building. They thought it was abandoned, because it was on the verge of collapse. When they peeked inside, they found Tefera asleep in his wheelchair.

Tefera was amazed that the team had bothered to investigate such a dilapidated house and even more amazed by the teams loving and accepting attitude toward him.

“I have been incapacitated for 19 years”, he told us. “I have no relatives and often times I go hungry for days. I haven’t even been able to make good use of the wheelchair that was donated to me because I can’t afford to replace the tires. I was hopeless and had no peace until these people told me that Jesus loves me. I accepted Jesus into my heart right then and now I have peace like I’ve never known. Thank you for coming to my shanty house! Now I know that I have eternal life and my name is written in the Book of Life in Heaven. I know where I will be going when I die.”

In addition to the Gospel message, AE Ethiopia will be supporting Tefera by getting him new wheelchair tires and rebuilding his house for him!

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