Dessie is one of the darkest places in Ethiopia. Nearly devoid of the light of the Gospel of Christ, Dessie is a difficult place to spread the Gospel. Throughout 2017 our team worked with local churches in Dessie to train, mobilise and engage the church in reaching out to their lost city.

On December 20th the mission began on the wings of prayer from around the globe and at the end of mission week, the mission teams had shared the Gospel with 6,720 people and 650 of those accepted Christ!

A passion was ignited in the hearts of local believers that will burn for years to come. They have been equipped with the tools to evangelise effectively and it is a lesson that they will continue to use to reach their community.

Rev Wagnew, a local pastor, was one of the key church leaders who supported the mission and encouraged others to take part. “AE has become true partners with the church in Dessie. They came to us as co-workers in the Gospel, not as bosses. They did not dictate to us but facilitated us in ministering effectively. Because of their kindness and mindfulness even churches with great differences across the city were willing to work together for this mission.”

The mission made huge impact in many lives but none more than Nuru who have NEVER heard the name of Jesus before.

Good News for the first time

Nuru Hussein was living on the streets when he was approached by members of the Dessie Mission Team.

“After the death of my parents many years ago,” Nuru said, “I ended up living on the streets and became totally hopeless. One day some people came and told me about Jesus Christ. I am 25 years old and I have NEVER heard of Jesus before. They told me that He loves me and will take me to heaven. That was a new concept for me because as a Muslim I believed that my good deeds would get me to paradise.

I accepted Jesus there and then and the group took me to a church, washed me, fed me and clothed me. They showed me love and they listened to me. I look different now, but I feel like a totally new person. Even though I’ve only been a believer for a few days, I know that I am a new creation. I have peace in my heart that I’ve never felt before and I know that I am on the right track and that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

After I accepted Christ, I went to my relatives that I hadn’t seen in a very long time to tell them about Jesus and the new life I have. They resisted but I will continue to go and tell them. I want them to know Jesus like I do.”