Faith was desperate to escape her family’s impoverishment. She took matters into her own hands, thinking she would be better off alone. Now 17, she looks back on her life with sadness and regret.

“I left my family when I was young, deciding that I could make a better life for myself on my own. What I found instead was rowdy friends who caused trouble and introduced me to drugs and alcohol.

Soon, my life became full of drugs, I cared about nothing else. Then, I began to practice prostitution so that I could pay for drugs. Instead of feeling free and happy like I thought I would when I left my family, I’ve become more and more bitter and angry about my life.

I’ve had no peace of mind and my life has had no meaning. It’s been terrible.”

As Faith walked hopelessly through Kigali one day, she heard a man speaking about how Jesus had restored him from the hopeless life he was leading.

“I felt like he was speaking directly to me – like he knew exactly what I had been through even though I’d never seen him before! I decided in that moment that I needed to be saved and allow Jesus to help me change my lifestyle. I am excited to join the church nearby so that I can get the support I need to live a better life than this. Thank you for coming to tell me the amazing news about Jesus.”

Faith is one story of the true hope found in Jesus through AE missions. There are thousands more!

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