In her mid-thirties, Martha Njovulema was on her way to becoming a modern woman: she had tried her hand at teaching, baking, and small-business running, was a working mother keen to help her husband provided financially for their four children, and was on the look out for further training.

But she was not happy.

“After the death of my mother and father, I got into strange habits,” said Martha. “I was fond of fighting, lying and stealing, using these as ‘powers’ to get what I needed in life.”

Though she went to church, Martha admitted, “I was not in good relationship with God.”

But then Martha heard about African Enterprise Malawi’s vocational centre.

“I joined it with the aim of learning some skills to become more self- supportive and raise my standard of my living,” she said.

However, by the time she left, she gained something far more valuable: having heard the Gospel through the teaching and staff at African Enterprise, Martha, for the first time, truly received Christ as her Saviour.

Last month, July 2017, Martha was among 22 women who graduated from AE Malawi’s 2017 program – and she couldn’t stop smiling.

“I have learnt to mix with people of all different backgrounds at this course,” she said, “and I hope to be a reliable female tailor in my community.”

But her life had changed in far deeper ways, thanks to AE:

“I have heard the Good News of salvation,” said Martha, “and my life is saved through Jesus Christ, who I received to be Lord and Saviour of my life.”