From Addict to Ambassador


At sixteen, Dan was addicted to social media. He spent all his free time online and struggled to get through a week without looking at pornography. He didn’t realise he had a problem, until the African Enterprise Foxfires came to speak to the young people at his school.

“When the Foxfires shared with us the various dangers of cyber addiction, I realised what I was doing,” Dan said.

He spoke to the Foxfires about his problems and asked God to save him from his addictions.

“I received Jesus in one of the sessions with the Foxfires,” he said, “and I now feel a calmness of heart and great peace away from guilt and addiction.”

But it was not an easy decision and Dan has struggled already.

“Many of my friends laughed at me having being saved,” he said. “But I never look back.”

He has held on to his new faith and wants to be an ambassador for overcoming addictions, helping other young men and women who are struggling with pornography.

“Out of the continued encouragement I got from the Foxfires team, I stood firm in loving God and choosing to do what is right,” Dan said. “Thank you Foxfires!’’

A prodigal daughter finds her way to God


Fourteen years old and in her first year of high school, Melissa enjoyed what she thought was the freedom of youth.

“I would sneak away from school and go to clubs,” she admitted.

School work and the future seemed unimportant. Melissa made decisions on a whim, doing whatever made her happy, following wherever her group of friends would lead.

When the AE Foxfires started visiting her school, she was intrigued.

“They were young like me,” she said, “and they really taught me how to live this life as a young person.”

As the months went on, and the Foxfire visits continued, Melissa started making better decisions about how she spent her time. She overcame the peer pressure that had marked her life before. And then one day, when the Foxfires asked if anyone wanted to become a Christian, Melissa said yes.

“Once I knew about God and his saving grace, I accepted him and He changed me,” she said.

God was looking after Melissa even before she became a Christian, and she now knows the danger she was in.

“I thank God that even in those times, when I was misbehaving, my life was preserved,” she said. “I didn’t end up dropping out of school because of pregnancy or drug abuse issues. God really has a better plan for me and I am now part of the Christian Union at school. I owe this to the Foxfires and also to God for having mercy on me.’’

Struggling through poverty


Benjamin has always resented his family’s poverty.

“My family background is quite humble,” he said, “and I really hated the fact that I was born into that family.”

By his third year of high school in Kenya, Benjamin was a quiet and sullen teenager who struggled to relate to his family. Then earlier this year, when the Foxfires visited his school, Benjamin decided to give his life to Christ.

“Since March this year, when I received Christ as my personal Saviour, my life has changed drastically,” he said. “It is the best it has ever been. I never thought things could be like this.”

Over the last few months, his performance has improved, his anger has subsided and his relationship with his family has started to change.

“I have always had these big questions in my mind and wanted them to be answered by anyone who would listen,” Benjamin said. “The Foxfires were there for me and helped me understand who God is. I had never before accepted who I was in the eyes of God.”

In return for what they have done for him, Benjamin had one thing to say to the Foxfires.

“You are doing a great job,” he said. “I hope you keep going and never tire because lives are being changed by your work!”