“Hi my name is Lizzy. I have been positively impacted with the program on major challenges I have had as an individual. My background had hugely weighed me down. I am a firstborn in a family of four. Where the three are my step-siblings. My mother died in child-birth after which my father married another woman.

She has been mistreating me and diminishing me. This affected the aspects of self-esteem and awareness, my self-value and how I viewed the world. I was always this stressed girl and could see nothing fascinating about life. This has now changed for the better me. The frequent visits from the Foxfires Team in our school has played the major role. I was at first timid to approach any of them for help but I am happy I did. One of the ladies from the team has walked with me since then. I have learned that my background does not dictate my future or how I should view things and that all this will end. Furthermore my decision to welcome Christ in my life has had a difference since I can now speak my heart to God. I am forever grateful for the new me that the Foxfires program has curved. God indeed bless you.”

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