“My name is Julie Kibie. I am a social worker in Bro.Beausang’ Education Centre. I work to maintain the students well-being, mentally and psychologically for excellence all round. I am grateful for the Foxfires’ team for being a great help in instilling values into the student’s lives. I was greatly impressed by the facilitation the team did on the topic Drugs and Substance Abuse. Some of the students came right ahead for counselling and rehabilitation out of drug effects from the drugs they were intaking. (The likes of Bhang, Tobacco and Khat) They now feel cared for and still treasured that there is someone looking out for them.

The students of such an age succumb to this issue either out of peer pressure or the family backgrounds they come from. It is remarkable to see that the school system and inspirers like the Foxfires can change their lives to a better and an admirable individual in the society. I believe that soon they will change their families. Other ways in which the students have changed is on enhanced communication among the students and to their teachers as well. This has definitely resulted from the students confiding in the Foxfires mostly because they are of more or less in the same age bracket. I highly recommend the Foxfires Youth Team to any institution. They are the change agents we so need for this generation! God bless you!”

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