Binyam Nigatu joined African Enterprise’s Student Discipleship Program (SDP) in Ethiopia in 2009 and as a young man, he spent a year studying theology, learning about Christianity and growing deeply in his faith.

ethiopia-sdpHe was so enamoured with the program that he enrolled for a second year of Discipleship studies, putting off going to University so that he could learn more about being a Christ-follower.

“To me, the two rounds of discipleship program were as if climbing into a new height in life,” he said. “The courses helped me understand the basics of Christian faith.”

After two years in the Program, Binyam went to University and immediately after completing his degree, became the teenage and youth ministry coordinator at his church.

“The SDP impacted me so much, that I was drawn to church ministry and serving the youth.”

Binyam is one of 200 000 Ethiopian students who, over the last 15 years of the Student Discipleship Program’s existence, have had their lives changed by the program. It has been instrumental in transforming the spiritual life of children and youth.

Since leaving the program and becoming involved in ministry at his church, Binyam has sought and received AE Ethiopia’s help in coordinating the SDP on his own initiative.

“In the last three years, in each round, we enrolled more than 160 students,” said Binyam. “I have seen Christ in this ministry.”

The careful investment of African Enterprise into the life of this young man, and into the lives of so many like him, has borne a great fruit, as Binyam himself testifies.

“This program of AE, sown in the lives of the youth, sometimes takes time before a result is seen,” he told us. “But be assured that it is definitely bearing much fruit as it has done in my own life.”

“Take heart,” said Binyam, “and pursue discipleship for the next generation to walk in the way of Christ.”






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