After years of prayer for the nation of Togo, God has finally given African Enterprise an open door for citywide missions in Lome! We’re so thankful for our friends and partners in the nation who have a burden to see Lome reached for Christ!

In early May, AE Ghana Team Leader, Ben Sachie, accompanied by Emmanuel Kwizera and Lynn Nwagbara visited Togo and connected with local Christian leaders and pastors to plot a way forward for AE missions.

“… AE’s method of stratified evangelism: engaging entrepreneurs in evangelism is the best strategy if we are to reach the whole nation for Jesus!”

Rev. Happy Aziadekey, the chairman of Federation des Evangéliques au Togo told us, “You have come here at the right time! I have done my doctoral research on mission and evangelism in Togo and I have found that AE’s method of stratified evangelism: engaging entrepreneurs in evangelism is the best strategy for us to reach the whole nation for Jesus!”.

(LEFT to RIGHT) AE’s Togo contact Edouard Kossi Ametou, Lynn Nwagbara, Ben Sachie, Emmanuel Kwizera, Rev. Happy Aziadekey, Chairman of the Federation of Evangelique au Togo

Campus for Christ Togo have also partnered with AE for this process and will help create links with local churches so that a national strategy for evangelization can be established. The AE team also met with the heads of different churches in Togo who are already on fire for proclamation evangelism. They want to see all the spheres of influence in the city of Lomé saturated by the Gospel! Praise God!

“We can’t wait to see the launch of this three-year mission process. We are ready to team up with you and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all Togolese people.”, said Rev Mitré Djakouti, the President of the Assemblies of God in Togo and Chairman of the largest national church network called the Christian Council (Conseil Chretien).

(In Black) Rev. Pastor Djakouti Mitre, National President of Assemblies of God in Togo and Chairman of the biggest multi denominational network, “Conseil Chretien”

God opened the doors for many strategic meetings for the AE team including: the President of the Church of Pentecost in Togo, the Rev Antoine Kossi Adedje, the President of the Baptist Convention in Togo, the Rev. Agbatan Remy Agossou, the President of the Institute of Advanced Studies of International and Strategic Relations the Dr. Senyéebia Yawo Kakpo. They also connected with the Alumni of Haggai Institute in Togo. “All these meetings have confirmed in our hearts that this is a “Kairos” time for Togo.”, said Lynn Nwagbara of AE Europe.

“All these meetings have confirmed in our hearts that this is a ‘Kairos’ time for Togo.”

The team also connected with local Pastor, Rev. Mesmin Kokou Tchaou, who had studied at the Institut Biblique Belge some years ago and had a mutual friend through Lynn. They had an excellent time with him and his colleague as we shared stories from Belgium and how different methods of evangelism might be implemented in Togo.

Please Pray for Togo

  • Pray for our brother Edouard Ametou, the National Director for Campus Pour Christ and his team in Togo, for his involvement and their strategic role to mobilize the church in Togo for evangelism and discipleship.
  • Pray for the Togo consultation meeting  on national evangelization which will be held before the end of this Year
  • Pray for the AEI Mission team and AE Ghana in this process of engaging the church and ministries in Togo for the Citywide Mission in the next four years 2018-2021
  • Pray for other local evangelistic efforts in Togo to transform the whole nation with the power of the Gospel
  • Pray for peace and stability in Togo.
  • Pray for that God would provide the funds needed to hold the mission.






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