You may not realize that your giving to African Enterprise makes a life and death difference. Ken is proof that your gift today can save people’s body and soul…and just in the nick of time!
Ken had climbed onto a fourth-floor balcony and was sitting with his legs dangling over the edge. He had decided to leap to his death. Then his cell phone rang in his pocket. Should he jump…or answer the call?
Thankfully, he answered a life-changing intervention that you made possible!
Ken is just like so many of the young people we minister to. He grew up amidst poverty and hopelessness. His father left soon after he was born. When his mother married, Ken was sent away. His stepfather couldn’t stand him. He grew up in a children’s home. “My life was a painful wound full of bitterness, sorrow, loneliness and rejection,” he recalls of this time.
At age 15, he joined a gang of other lost young men. Together they stole to pay for drugs. Ken became their leader. One day after robbing a warehouse, Ken’s group was ambushed by the police. There was a terrible slaughter. Ken hid in a garbage kiosk and watched as officers dragged off the dead bodies of his friends: the boys and young men who had put their trust in him.
The horror and guilt drove Ken to that fourth floor balcony where his phone rang. He didn’t even realize he had brought his cell phone and he didn’t recognize the number. As he held himself back from jumping to his death, Ken took the call. He was shocked to hear the voice of someone who genuinely cared for him.
“Several questions ran through my mind,” remembers Ken. “What does he want from me? Why is he calling now?”
It was Stephen Mbogo, African Enterprise’s CEO, who had known Ken since he was a child.
Although it had been some time since they had communicated, Stephen felt a sudden urgency to call Ken, and see how he was doing and with the hope of winning him to Christ. Ken heard this trusted voice assure him, “I just want you to remember that whatever has happened in your life, you can have a new beginning.”
Ken didn’t feel he deserved to be cared for so much. He crawled back from the edge of the balcony and agreed to meet with Stephen. Thanks to you, Ken accepted Christ as his Savior and is now going to school to be a preacher. He wrote us: “I gave my life totally to JESUS. I am now reading the Bible and praying and fasting. I am just enjoying the unconditional love from the Almighty God.”
Half of Africa’s population is made up of young people like Ken. They have so much potential. They are Africa’s future! Yet too many believe God has forgotten them and their life is worthless, destined to be snuffed out by a despairing fall from a balcony. Others think they have done such terrible things they can never be forgiven. They are ready for the message of hope that your generosity enables!
But without the select few people like you who make African Enterprise possible, thousands like Ken will not have a meaningful opportunity to hear about Jesus. Or we might not be able to reach them until it’s too late.
Your gift today will help reach people like Ken in densely populated cities by partnering with local churches! With your support, churches will not only grow in numbers, but also in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Lives like Ken’s will change and be rescued!
We are in the final stages of preparation for our next two citywide missions: first to Kenya and then to Tanzania. We are expecting 300,000 people will be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! But to stay on track, $10,000 is needed in the next 30 days. So many like Ken feel like they are at the end of the line. Your gift of any size will be that miracle in the nick of time! Please prayerfully consider sending your most generous gift today.
Because God’s love has no limits,
Jamie Morrison
Executive Director
PS. Lives are at stake. Please join me today to help save more people like Ken! We have two upcoming missions in Kenya and Tanzania. Your gift of any size will help win more of Africa for Christ.




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