Mercy Eliot, a 22-year-old, single mother of 3, is a student at the African Enterprise Sewing Project.

Our team in Malawi had a chance to sit with her and hear a small part of her testimony, and how she came to learn about the sewing project… “I had no knowledge about the tailoring school,” she said, “but the Rehab Rehabilitation centre led me here.”

“Before I joined the school, my life was headed down the wrong path. I got involved in prostitution a year after getting divorced by my husband, as a way to make ends meet. It was the worst season of my life, and I would often get abused, and left injured, with no help. In the midst of all the sadness that life brought, I was reached by a team from the Rehab Rehabilitation center who encouraged me to reach out and get help. Their compassion led me to the center, where I attended counseling sessions for a period of about a year, up until January 2018. While there, I met other women, with the same background as myself, and we were taught the word of God, prayed for, and counseled. Slowly but surely, I could feel my heart, and mind changing, and I knew I would never be the same again. Words can’t express how grateful I am to the generous people that saved me from my past life.” Mercy said happily.

“While here at the African Enterprise Sewing Project, I decided to commit my life to Jesus, to be Lord and Savior of my life. We are learning, through the Gospel, to have a spirit of self-control, to love one another, and how to pray. I have learned how to operate a sewing machine, sew different patterns, and attach zippers onto clothes.” She stated. “My prayer is that God will continue to guide me, and help me finish this training course well, so I can start my own business, and generate an income for myself and my children. I also pray blessings over African Enterprise, and it’s supporters so that they would be able to continue changing women’s lives like they have mine.”


What a great testimony! We are so thankful for your commitment to supporting our projects across Africa. Lives are impacted, and the course of these women’s lives are changed, because of you!





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