African Enterprise works with at-risk women in Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, and Rwanda, through programs that give them marketable skills and teach them the Gospel. Some of these include tailoring, fabric printing, soap making, and pastries. Each is a lucrative market and will provide women with a source of income. They are also taught basic business and life skills.
Alefa Sangala is one of the students impacted by AE’s training projects. She is 38-year-old, mother of four, who was recently divorced.
In her testimony, she shares: “Before I joined this school I was engaged in farming, and grew maize (corn) to help get enough money to help my family survive. Having seen my living standards and the situation I was going through, my Reverend referred me to the AE sewing project. I was immediately filled with hope at the thought of getting the skills and certifications that I knew would help me get further along in life. I could see God’s hand being upon me and that this was an answer to prayer.”
“While I am here, I am expecting to learn more sewing and business skills, which will help me generate a sustainable income, through my own tailoring business. So far we have been taught how to run a sewing machine and have been able to practice different stitches. In addition, we are taught the Gospel and are learning more about God. We are provided with healthy meals, and great accommodation and everything has been better than I could have ever expected.” Alefa said.
She finished by saying, “I thank God for His mercies I which I am receiving from the people I’ve met through African Enterprise!”
Thank YOU for the role you play in giving African women the opportunity for a better future!






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