In 1991, the first democratically elected Zambian President, Frederick Chiluba, dedicated the nation to Christ. “I declare”, Chiluba said, “that Zambia is a Christian nation that will seek to be governed by the righteous principles of the Word of God. Righteousness and justice must prevail in all levels of authority and then we shall see the righteousness of God exalted in Zambia. The time of corruption and bribery is over.”

Sadly, 26 years later, corruption in Zambia is at an all-time high. In 2014, it was estimated that 78% of all business transactions involved a bribe payment. Currently, Zambia is a nation that has forgotten where the roots of its democracy were planted — in the good soil of integrity.

In November 2017, African Enterprise challenged the leadership of Zambia to return to their roots and let justice and righteousness prevail. Leaders from all walks of life were gathered together and challenged to submit their lives and their industries to the Lordship of Christ.

Over the course of a week, government officials, business executives, media personalities, medical personnel and more were gathered together to hear the simple truth of the Gospel. They were challenged to be shining beacons of integrity in a nation darkened by corruption. Many hearts were changed and we, in AE, are excited about what God is beginning to do in this nation.

Stephen Mbogo receives Godfridah Sumaili as the Guest of Honour to the Executive Leadership Dinner

Godfridah Sumaili, the Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs attended as the official government representative. As the guest of honour present at the Executive Leadership Dinner, she said, “Zambia has been declared a Christian nation but there is a need to make that sentiment a reality. I am so pleased that the Lusaka Leadership Initiative has made that happen. I believe this is the beginning of new things for Zambia. Reaching leaders with the Gospel will transform this nation. Integrity is in our constitution, but it needs to be our value. Thank you, African Enterprise!”

“I believe this is the beginning of new things for Zambia. Reaching leaders with the Gospel will transform this nation. Integrity is in our constitution, but it needs to be our value. Thank you, African Enterprise!”

Following these events, fellowship groups have been created which will advocate for godly values within local industries. The business people, journalists, professional women and local clergy have all established fellowships which will meet regularly to encourage each other and reach out to others within their industry.

While the leadership events were taking place, the AE team along with volunteer evangelists from around the city took to the streets to share the Gospel. The city-wide mission began with service ministry by cleaning the streets of Lusaka. AE partnered with an existing organisation called ‘Jesus Cares Ministries’ which proved to be very effective in reaching the city more effectively by using existing channels.

During one of the Foxfire performances, four young men came through the crowd violently and shut off the music, arguing that they were disturbing the community. They were challenged by other young men who wanted to hear the message and the program resumed. The four listened intently as the gospel was preached and they were the first to come forward to commit their lives to Christ.

Another person in the crowd told us, “I am so glad you chose to stay despite the locals giving you trouble. I was very encouraged by the word that God is able to overcome any storm in our lives. My life has been hard since my family broke up. I was convinced that nothing good could come out of my poor conditions. However, I am very encouraged! You’ve brought joy to my heart today and I have received Christ. I am so happy.”

Over the course of the 10-day mission, over 14,639 were reached with the Gospel and 8,212 people made confessions of faith.

Another man, Geshon received Christ moments before he had planned to end his life!

Geshon received Christ moments before his planned suicide.

Please join us in thanking God for his amazing faithfulness during our mission. Please pray for those who heard the Gospel throughout our ministry. Ask that God would continue to minister to their hearts. Pray for the nation of Zambia, that it would be the beacon of integrity that it was declared to be.

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